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Facial treatments
by Claudia Kern

Would you like highly efficient and exclusive treatments in a quiet, stylish ambience?

You are right here!

I offer you first-class treatments for skin improvement and firming with the valuable care products from Deynique, as well as energetic facial and head massages for deep relaxation and stress reduction.

Choose your desired treatment or let me advise you.

Inquiries and bookings can be made directly to me
+49 1520 6088181

The basics:

Myn Tied 
Skin diagnosis, peeling, preparation mask for deep cleansing, skin cleansing, facial massage, care mask, final care

70 min - 79,00 €

Myn schmucke Tied
Skin diagnosis, peeling, preparation mask for deep cleansing, cleansing of the skin, active ingredient concentrates suitable for skin type as well as ampoule, facial massage, care mask, final care

80 min - 89,00 €

Myn beste Tied
Skin diagnosis, eyebrow correction, peeling, preparation mask for deep cleansing, cleansing of the skin, active ingredient concentrates suitable for skin type as well as ampoule, facial, décolleté and neck massage, care mask, final care

90 min - 99,00 €

Additional treatments
(can only be booked in conjunction with a complete facial treatment)

Eyebrow correction by expense (from 8,00 €)
Eyebrown tinting 12,00 €
Eyelash tintinf 15,00 €

The specials:

Needle puncture:
Renewal impulses for the skin

If the skin tightens, feels dry, looks tired and dull, and lacks any shine, then it needs help.
If you want visible results quickly, get needled!
The skin is "provoked" with 192 fine gold needles.
The resulting impulses are aimed at deeper layers of the skin. These are stimulated and stimulate the renewal processes. The skin is better supplied with blood and microcirculation is stimulated.

The result: The skin feels firmer, is tightened and the "glow" is back.

Needle puncture can be integrated into all "Myn Tied" treatments.
The duration of treatment is extended accordingly




Ice wave faces
Cool down effect with lightning tightening

Stress, lack of sleep, working on screens and in air-conditioned rooms take a lot out of the skin. It is tight, dry and longs for moisture. This is where the Bitzeis treatment comes into play.

The treatment with ice balls revitalizes and revitalizes a tired, pale complexion. The ice waves glide refreshingly over the face moistened with hyaluronic acid.
Cells are formed by the "Cold shock" invigorates and cell metabolism picks up speed.
The perfect time to provide your skin with anti-aging ingredients.
Ice wave facials get your face in top shape.

The intensifes:

Organic face lifting:
This lifting mask is a real experience for him and her!

For pure, fine and firm skin!
Strong skin contraction also reaches the deeper layers of the skin. The circulation of nutrients and oxygen is stimulated and the lymph is activated in line with the biorhythm of the heartbeat.
A fresh look, relaxed facial features and a visibly tightened complexion are the results that leave an impression!



Anti Tox

Anti Tox works with the power of magnets!

Minerals applied to the skin circulate through a magnetic massage, stimulating skin metabolism and blood circulation.
A black, alkaline mask made of colloidal minerals pushes cleansing biological substances into the pores, removes deposits, binds pollutants and neutralizes acids.
After a relaxing exposure phase, two magnets pull the remains of the mask from the face - along with the dissolved pollutants and calluses.
The result: clear complexion, clear, smooth and fresh skin.



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