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Sugaring – sugary hair removal

The warm sugar paste gently removes hair.

Lower leg 25 €
Armpits 12 €
Bikini zone 15 €
Back 35 €

For a well-cared-for look

Pedicure 29 €
Pedicure with nail varnish 45 €

Remember to wear open-toed shoes to avoid spoiling your freshly varnished nails.

Massage according to feeling
Need a moment of calm and inner balance? Our wellness massage treatment gives you both.

30 min 39 €
60 min 65 €

Herbal stamp massage
Our massage professional works with herbal stamps in circling and stroking movements. Feel your skin tauten with essential oils from the herbs. Deep relaxation and well-being are positive side effects.

60 min 65 €

Note that we do not offer this treatment on hot summer days as it can lead to heat stroke.

Foot reflexology
Special grip techniques help free up blockages, allowing your natural energy to flow freely again. A massage relieves discomfort, stimulating your own powers of self-healing and boosting your metabolism.

30 min 39 €
60 min 69 €

Honey massage
Experience the healing power of honey directly on the skin. Effleurage with special honey oil stimulates the circulation. The warm honey pack relieves tension and has a soothing and invigorating effect.

45 min 55 €

Brush massage
This intensive massage technique livens up your skin and stimulates circulation. Similar to a scrub, this massage cleanses and revitalises the skin with fully natural active components, and the subsequent full-body massage gives you new energy.

60 min 69 €

Hot stones
Hot basalt stones combined with fine oils act on the energy centres of the body, creating a sense of deep relaxation. This frees up blockages to stimulate lymph flow and boost the metabolism.

Note that we do not offer this treatment on hot summer days as it can lead to heat stroke.

60 min 69 €

Calling of the southern seas
A soothing South Sea sugar scrub ensures deep relaxation. The powerful undulating Mahana massage reflects the rhythmic flow of the sea.

60 min 69 €

Ayurvedic massage
Embark on a journey into yourself. We use oils from the three life energies – Vata, Pitta and Kapha.

60 min 69 €

Candle oil massage
Pleasantly warm candle oils are massaged in using flowing strokes. The pleasant scents of rich oils spread an aura of comfort and well-being, restoring the skin to a soft and gentle texture.

60 min 65 €

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