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by Lena Cosenza

Take a deep breath and calm down

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Aroma oil massage
Various aromatic scents with high-quality nourishing jojoba and almond oil.
Bring your body, mind and soul into harmony and relax in a world full of sensual aromas and warm oil. The aromatic oil massage is a special variant of massage using high-quality essential oils. The wonderful scent of the aromas, the oil on the skin and the gentle strokes lead to restful relaxation.

Back/neck/face - 35 min

Full body - 60 min


Brush massage

Body brushing is a natural and effective way to keep the body healthy and care for the skin. The entire metabolism is stimulated and digestion is promoted. The body becomes tougher and the immune system and nervous system are strengthened. In addition, the regeneration of the skin is accelerated, the skin becomes firmer and fat deposits can be broken down better.
The skin is then treated with high-quality aromatic care oil.

Legs/arms/back - 45 min


Herbal stamp
Pamper your body and mind with a soothing herbal stamp massage.
Pleasant warmth, special massage techniques and the effects and scents of herbs and essential oils ensure deep relaxation.

The secret lies in the herbal stamps. Small fabric bags are filled with herbs, spices, fruits and care ingredients and tied up to form stamps. The stamps are then heated in hot steam and moved over the body in different movements.
The effect is diverse:
Muscle tension and stress are relieved, pain in the back and neck is relieved, the metabolism is stimulated and the skin is cared for by the high-quality aromatic oils with jojoba and almond oil.

Full body - 60 min


Foot reflexology
Treat your feet to an extensive, soothing foot reflexology massage, which begins with a relaxing and invigorating foot bath and then continues with an extensive and intensive foot massage.
This allows tension to be released and self-healing powers to be activated.

20 minutes including foot bath

40 minutes including foot bath

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